martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

teatro documental

Documentary theatre is a form of theatre created from the verbatim use of interviews, photographs and historical proceedings. This book brings together essays, interviews and performance texts, many published here for the first time, which describe and analyse documentary theatre around the world: both its history and its proliferation since 9/11.
About the Author(s)
Carol Martin

CAROL MARTIN is Associate Professor of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.
Table of Contents
The Dramaturgy of the Real--C.Martin
Towards a Poetics of Theatre and Public Events--J.Reinelt
Staging Terror--W.Hesford
Post-1990s Verbatim Theatre in South Africa: Exploring an African Concept of Truth--Y.Hutchison
Reality from the Bottom Up: Documentary Theatre in Poland--A.Sowinska, trans. B.Paloff
The Scripted Realities of Rimini Protokoll--F.Malzacher
Rewind - A Cantata for Voice, Tape and Testimony--J.Dubow
Rewind: Cantata--P.Miller
Introduction to Three Posters--R.Mrou
Three Posters--E.Khoury &--R.Mour
The Magic Years of Youth in Dreary Times, Or Theatre of the Eighth Day's View of Itself, Again During Dreary Times--J.Ostrowska, trans. E.Janicka
The Files--Teatre smego Dnia, trans. B.Johnston
Pawel Demirski: We're not Hyenas - An Interview--P.Sztarbowski, trans. A.Valles
Don't Be Surprised When They Burn Your House Down--P.Demirski, trans. A.Valles
Kidnapping Reality: An Interview with Vivi Tellas--A.Pauls, trans. S.J.Townsend
Excerpts from the Plays of Vivi Tellas--V.Tellas, trans. S.J.Townsend
An Intimate Love Letter: Art, Life &--Showbiz, Ain Gordon Writer/Director--B.Vorlicky
Art, Life &--Showbiz--A.Gordon