lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Distance Festival - London

My Father Lives on a Star
by VIVI TELLAS (Argentina)
Saturday 19th june, 22:00 hs

Mi padre vive en una estrella / My father lives on a star

The renowned artist and theatre director will skype in from Buenos Aires into a seance with a Voodoo medium. Vivi will try to contact her dead, spanish speaking father through the spiritualist, and through the strange ghostly medium of video conferencing.

Stoke Newington International Airport
Unit E, 1-15 Leswin Place - London N16 7NJ

Distance Festival - London

19 - 20 junio 2010

DISTANCE is a weekend of performances, talks, video and activity over distance.


Distance has always been a part of our lives. Now, more than ever, we are expected to negotiate the complexities of near and far. From conquistador to ryanair to Skype to pilgrimage to chatroom to your neighbour's front door, a multitude of choices now affect how we experience and engage with people and places across the world and across the street. As technology offers instant presence and lifestyle choices increase in complexity, what are our relationships to distance? How do we live with absence, intimacy and speed? When do we desire to close the gap and when do we need to create it?

Over 19-20th June, experience a programme of work that responds to distance from multiple perspectives. Expect the infinite and intimate, the attempt and limit, the vital and current.

DISTANCE is curated by Third Party and Stoke Newington International Airport

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